• Norfolk Emergency Shelter Team (NEST): Our guests from Norfolk will be here beginning the evening of Wednesday, March 20th, until the morning of Wednesday, March 27th.  This church ministry takes many individuals to make it a success.  Please pray and look into your hearts to support this ministry.  During this week, you could possibly make a difference in someone’s life and they could also make a difference in your life.  The Lord has many ways to lead us and this ministry is just one of them.  If you have any questions, please contact Don Brewer (641-9261).  Thank you!

  • Save the Date! There will be a Celebration Dinner to honor Pastor Tom’s thirty years of service to HUMC and forty years of service in the ministry on June 23rd, at 5 pm.  Look for details and reservation information coming soon.

  • Cleaning Kits - UMCOR: Buckets and instructions for cleaning kits are in the Welcome Center.  Kits will be sent to staging warehousews for distribution to flood victims.  PLEASE READ the instructions, check off each item and return the list with the bucket.  A donation of $2 per bucket will defray the cost shipping.  Questions: Clyde Harrell, Disaster Coordinator, HUMC, (757)421-2631 or

  • Offering Counters: Help is needed on our Counter Team. If you are interested in helping to count the offering on Sundays after the 11 am service, please contact Gale Bryant (719-2246 or 547-0501). Thank you.

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