HUMC After-School Daycare

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Have a child at Hickory Elementary School?

Our after-school daycare program is available only during the school year for students of Hickory Elementary School, which is right next door to and shares a parking lot with Hickory United Methodist Church. 

Daycare hours are from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm. No transportation is required thanks to our convenient location. All students will be escorted from the school to the church, and parents can pick children up at the church prior to 6:00 pm. 

During after-school care children will receive a snack, be given assistance with homework and when all work is completed - time to play outside at the Hickory Elementary playground when weather permits. Indoor activities include crafts, movies and games. This means more family time for you in the evenings after you pick your child up! 

Daycare Rates:

We pride ourselves in offering affordable after-school care to our community. 

Full-time: $250/Month
Part-time: $16/day

Registration is available throughout the year. Please contact the church office for more information and registration paperwork. 


P: (757) 421-2778

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