Bible Studies

HUMC offers a variety of Bible Studies throughout the year. Studies vary from season to season and often include speak Lent, Advent and even Adult Vacation Bible School studies. Below are the studies that are currently being held, but check back often for additional studies. 

Women's studies

Ladies, you are invited to attend our next Bible Study on Dr. David Jeremiah’s, SLAYING THE GIANTS IN YOUR LIFE.

The study will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 17th, at 6:30 pm.  During this 12 week study not only will we identify the giants that cripple us and kill our Christian effectiveness, we will also tackle the training manual that guarantees our victory.  Come.  Learn how God’s heavy artillery empowers us to defeat our Goliath’s of fear, anger, worry, procrastination and more.  A sign-up sheet is in the Welcome Center.  REGISTER today! 

For more information, contact Stephanie Stahler (546-9408).       


Disciple 1

Have you ever read God’s instruction book for life?  In September, we will start another 34 week survey of the bible called Disciple.  It requires at least 30 minutes of reading each day six days a week and a 2 hour group discussion, led by Stan Best on Tuesday nights at 7 pm.  You Tube has a video that introduces this study which can be viewed at

Disciple 3

Greg Moyer (377-1866) will teach a Disciple 3 study starting in September on Tuesday nights at 7 pm.  Disciple 3 is an in depth 32 week study of the prophets and the letters of Paul. It requires at least 30 minutes of reading each day for six days a week and a 2 hour group discussion.  PRE-REQUESITE: Disciple 1 only (Do not need Disciple 2). 

If you are interested in either study please sign the appropriate sign-up sheet in the foyer to the fellowship hall.  If you have any questions please call Stan Best (358-5521) or Greg Moyer (377-1866). 

Walk to EMMAUS

Our church participates in both the mens' and women's Walk to Emmaus - a three-day experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation. The Walk is an amazing opportunity to meet Jesus Christ in a new way as God's grace and love are revealed through other believers. You will deeply enhance your relationship with God and make friends for life! 

Those who are interested can visit the Tidewater Emmaus website for upcoming dates. Several women who have completed the Walk to Emmaus meet on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month for fellowship and study. If you have completed the Walk and would like to join the group, contact Cheryl Best. 

Namesake: When God Writes your Story by Jessica LaGrone

Want to connect with God, his word, and others daily? Join Pastor Sarah in a six week study of folks in the scriptures whose stories were transformed by the power of God. Their names were changed, but more so their lives were changed by God! We will look at Abraham & Sarah, Jacob, Naomi, Daniel, Peter, and an unnamed woman. Together we will explore how God wants to intimately involved in our stories, and how he gives us all purpose!

To join this study you must be on Facebook. In the Facebook group study, there will be a scripture to read daily, a short teaching video to listen to, and discussion opportunities daily! Study books are available in the welcome center ($12) or through amazon but are not required for this study.

Starting October 14th! The Group will close on October 15th.

Online Women’s Bible Study

Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith

" Falling in Love with the God Jesus Knows"

We all have ideas we tell ourselves about God and how he works in our lives. Some are true--but many are false. These stories we tell ourselves determine who we are and how we live. In this study we will examine what we believe to be true about God and how we can practice our faith to reflect what we believe. We will look at the God Jesus knew. "We will discover the narratives that Jesus lived by- to know the Lord he knew and the kingdom he proclaimed--and to practice spiritual exercises that will help you grow in the knowledge of our good and beautiful God."

In this 10 week study we will dive into the scripture and daily practices of our faith together! We will read a chapter each week together and try out one spiritual practice.

Wednesday from 7 pm - 8:30 pm , October 2nd - December 11th

Tuesdays from 10 am - 11:30 am , October 1st - December 10th

*No class Oct 24th or the week of Thanksgiving

Sign up and Books available in the welcome center. Book cost is $18.

Pastor’s Bible Study