Holiday Services

Holiday services at HUMC are highly anticipated and attended. We invite you to celebrate your next holiday with us.

sanctuary at christmas.jpg

Christmas Eve

An evening service is held every Christmas Eve and includes Christmas carols, the story of Christ's birth and ends with a touching candlelight song. 

ASh Wednesday and Lent

Join us on Ash Wednesday for a touching service to begin the season of Lent. Special services, messages and Bible Studies are held during the Lenten season. An Easter season Cantata is also presented by our choir. 

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Holy Week and Easter

Holy Week begins with a special Palm Sunday service and continues at noon every day with lunch services at Great Bridge Presbyterian. Maundy Thursday services are shared with our neighbors at Good Hope Methodist Church at 7 pm and a Good Friday service is held in our sanctuary at 7 pm. 

Easter is celebrated with a sunrise service as well as three regular services at 8:30 am, 11:00 am and a contemporary service at 6:00 pm.