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City of Hope, Tanzania

In the Spring of 2017 a small group of members from HUMC flew halfway across the world to help the orphans and students at the City of Hope school and orphanage in Tanzania.

The team helped build a new laboratory for the school as well as day to day assistance with the children. Our church donated and provided necessary tools and supplies the school needed.

Greg, Kathy and Jacob Moyer and Anne and Curtis Tasker all made the trip and were extremely blessed to get to know the students and adults at City of Hope. When they returned, they brought with them the their passion and inspiration for this region, which they have since shared with our congregation.

In the summer of 2018 the group returned with a few more among them and continued their work on the facilities and interacting with these special children. Every trip is a blessing and we will continue to go every year we are able.

Our church is now raising the $100,000 needed to install a new fresh water well for the school as well as organizing future return trips to help with ongoing improvements and needs.

If you are interested in supporting our fundraising effort or traveling to Tanzania, contact Greg Moyer at (757) 377-1866.