Sunday School Classes

We have Sunday School classes for all age ranges and individuals.

No registration is required - all classes are held at 10:00 am.

Our greeter can direct you to the right classroom. 

Pairs and Spares

This adult class welcomes people of all ages. They meet in the last class room on the left on the second floor and are currently studying a book called Life is __________ Forty-Day Experience: A Devotional Journey Through God's Illogical Love".

They have also studied many books of the Bible and are open to new members with specific interests and topics. 

Joyful Noise

Teacher: Stephanie Stahler
(757) 546-9408

This Senior's Sunday School class studies a variety of topics including Isaiah, Hebrews, Matthew, Revelation. Mature men and women welcome! 

Pastor's Class

Teacher: Tom Mercer
(757) 749-4335

Get an in depth study of a variety of Biblical topics and theological issues with our own Pastor Tom Mercer.

Teacher: Clyde Harrell
(757) 421-2631

New Sunday School Class open to all men during regular Sunday School time (9:50-10:45 am). Please meet us in the Fellowship Center. 

Men's Class

Welcome Class

Teacher: Stan Best
(757) 546-1818

All adults are welcome to this class currently studying the Gospel and the book of Luke. 

K-5th Grade

Children are currently learning about the history of the Israelites from Moses and the burning bush to crossing the Red Sea and the Ten Commandments. 


Teacher: Jennifer Foster

This study is based on Rueben P. Job's book, Three Simple Questions. In this study, you will look at the following questions: Who is God? Who am I? Who are we together?

The purpose of this study is "knowing the God of love, hope and purpose." It is open to all Middle School and High School students.